Website Maintenance: Trust Yours to the Pros

by | Apr 5, 2017

Website Maintenance: Trust Yours to the Pros

Our Website Maintenance Services:

As businesses around the globe have increasingly begun to rely on the World Wide Web as a vehicle of advertisement and day to day business transactions, it’s vital that your business has a website that not only gets attention, but gets maximum attention.

Intercept Marketing’s services include SEO optimization to obtain maximum traffic to your site. We will not only make sure your website is up and running, but functioning at optimum levels to ensure maximum traffic and interaction, limiting or even eliminating the lurking dangers endemic to the internet: phishing, viruses, and other issues that have plagued computer users.

We providefull service for your website. Our team of IT professionals work tirelessly to ensure that your website will do its job: generating business for you, the business owner!

This includes full hosting and the security of your website. You can opt for service packages that include the establishment and usage of domains for your website, sub-domains, unlimited bandwith, 7 gigabytes of high speed storage, encryption, black monitoring, and more!

We will even monitor the reputation of your website. The service also includes website backup and full staff support from our organization to yours.

Website Management

We offer you full support in website management. We take the task of website administration and management off your shoulders, so you can focus on what it is you do best! Leave your website to us.

Website Maintenance Plans

We offer three levels of coverage for the maintenance and management of your website.

All three plans offer unlimited bandwidth, high speed storage, page caching & file compression, website support, content updates, WordPress theme and plugin updates, periodic website backups, and security features including anti-virus protection to keep your site safe.

Click here to compare the features of the “Standard,” “Security Conscious,” and “Peace of Mind” plans to see which will best fit your needs.

Our skilled staff responds swiftly to issues affecting website performance. We also do website design on request.

We have been in business since 1999 and our customer satisfaction levels have historically remained at 90%.

It’s tough to run a business, and in today’s IT intensive world, mastering the skills needed to effectively set up, run, and maintain a website are long in developing. It could take years to get up to the level of technical proficiency to just set your site up, if you’re not so technically inclined. By then, everything will have changed with the rapid developments in software and technology.

You owe it to yourself as a business person to put your technology and website concerns into the hands of the trusted professionals at Intercept Marketing.

Contact us TODAY to discuss your website needs.

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  1. If you can’t manage your website for yourself, there are trusted persons who can provide services to those who need maintenance for their sites. Save your time and effort. There are some issues that you can’t see if you’re just new to this.

  2. The lack of maintenance on your website can cause a ton of complications. Outdated themes and plugins are the best means for a hacker to destroy your website. So, take precautions and install security plugins like Wordfence or Sucuri to prevent these security issues from happening. Also, make sure you have a backup just in case bad things happen.

  3. One of the most important things to do, especially if you rely on your website as your main source of income. This aspect is important because your site may have some issues waiting to explode. I have experience being hacked once when my developer used a cracked plugin which contained a virus. Not pleasant at all. Make sure you regularly schedule backups just in case the worst happens.

  4. It’s mandatory for a webmaster to have site maintenance at least 2x a month in order to track those outdated plugins or themes. These outdated programs can be a gateway for hackers, so it’s a lot safer to keep them updated. There are instances where the design breaks also, and it can cause the audience to have a bad impression of the site, which is definitely a bad thing.

  5. You can’t really stress this enough. Maintenance is crucial for your site to run like a well-oiled engine. Do some QA’s once in a while, create backups and update your plugins regularly. This is important especially for WordPress sites.

  6. Having a maintenance plan for your site is important because you can avoid issues from happening in the future. It’s a good idea to conduct maintenance every week and check all your pages and indexed pages in Google to make sure that there’s no fishy stuff going on. Awesome post. Thanks for sharing.


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