Guide to Web Solutions Offered By Intercept Marketing

by | Mar 12, 2017

Guide to Web Solutions Offered By Intercept Marketing

A good website plays an important role as a virtual pipeline for customers. It can serve as an extension of your staff, and makes the first impression to visitors. For this reason, it should be eye-catching, easy to navigate and filled with relevant, informative content.

At Intercept Marketing, we make it easy to design, build, and maintain a quality website. We host your site on secure servers that are monitored by our team of experienced information technology (IT) professionals. As a premier web development company, our designers and developers collaborate to create elegant custom designs that match your specific requirements.

Every design is crafted with user-friendliness, security, search engine optimization (SEO) and functionality as top priorities. The overall appearance is designed to complement your brand’s image and showcase your business. The quality of our designs contributes to minimal maintenance costs over time. Your WordPress website allows you to create content and new pages quickly and easily using a variety of tools.

Our team ensures the site is SEO-ready, optimized for conversions, and secured using the standard security technology SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Developers and designers at Intercept Marketing follow a solid methodology to ensure exceptional performance and reliability. Conversion optimization is aimed at giving site visitors an opportunity to sign up for your company’s information.

Our web design services are available in three packages, including “SEO Ready,”“Revenue Generating,” and “Custom Functionality.” The later offers more features and functionality, such as branding services, dominate via YouTube, membership management, and more.

The design process

The design process begins with the discovery phase, which allows our staff to gain insights into your business. The information gleaned from the meeting is used to develop a road map before getting started on design and wireframing.

The full website transformation process entails development and optimization. As a result, our technical team turns the design ideas into a fully functional website that is mobile-friendly, editable, and flexible.

We include free tools for your convenience, in the form of plugins that extend functionality. Your site will look amazing across multiple devices, including smartphones, thanks to responsive web design approaches.

To prepare the platform for future web trends, we incorporate the HTML5 markup. This means you’re well-prepared for changes to microdata and web standards. An up-to-date site enjoys greater visibility in search engines.

When it comes to search engine optimization, we strive to ensure that at least one of the chosen keywords reaches a top spot in the search results. Although we cannot guarantee it will reach number one, our promise is to tirelessly work to push the phrase higher in the organic search results.

Web hosting

We provide reliable hosting services on servers located in the United States. You can choose the ideal web solutions package from three options, including “Standard,”“Security Conscious,” and “Peace of Mind.” All three packages offer unlimited bandwidth, page caching, and file compression in addition to high speed storage.

Depending on the selected package, you can also take advantage of unlimited email names and HTTPS encryption with blacklist and reputation monitoring. We handle all theme, plugin and WordPress updates. The hosting services come with advanced security features designed to provide adequate protection against different types of cyber-attacks.

Protection of a website requires specialist skills and tools. For this reason, we’re committed to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and trends concerning IT security.

On the other hand, your website’s WordPress database and files are stored on an offsite location. This is aimed at speeding up recovery in the event of data loss. Depending on your requirements, backup verification and recovery can be carried out daily, weekly or biweekly basis.

So, are you ready to get an AWESOME website designed, optimizes, hosted, and secured… with monthly backups and maintenance?

If you don’t yet have a website for your business, what are you waiting for?

Make the call NOW and don’t waste another day that you could have a website generating leads… and clients… for your business!

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  1. If you’re looking to build a website for your business, you might as well invest in a well-made one. Your business name depends on it. Look at their portfolios first so that you know that they fit well.

  2. If you’re trying to build a website for your business, you need to make sure that the design suits well with your theme. Then it should be optimized for the search engines. Protected well enough to stop any attempt from hackers and have a lightning-speed loading times. All of these are quite hard to achieve if you don’t have any idea on web design and development making the decision of hiring a web design company a much smarter choice in my opinion.

  3. If you have zero knowledge in this kind of process, getting a reliable web developer is a perfect way to manage a website. But first, check their backgrounds if they have the tools, knowledge, and skill to handle this kind of web design service.


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