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Explosive Growth

Prior to meeting with Intercept Marketing I had one employee and four students. I now have five employees and sixteen students every two weeks. We are in the process of enlarging our company, and expanding to another site.

- Vanessa Rozier, CEO RN & Associates

The team at Intercept Marketing helped us create 3 targeted facebook ads that were up and running in 7 business days. The ads were posted to draw prospective students to our new Pharmacy Technician Program which was set to begin in 3 weeks. Visitors to our website increased during the time frame the ads ran along with additional phone calls into the office. We appreciate the hard work put into this advertisement project and will use their services for future advertising needs.

- Kellie Ryan,
Community Liaison & Administrative Assistant
Charter Health Care Training Center

When I first engaged Intercept Marketing I was a bit apprehensive. Instead of coming in at the first meeting and selling me something, they sat down with me and my team, asked questions no one had ever asked before, then returned 11 days later and laid out a full strategy plan, even showcased an analysis of my competitors. All this before I even wrote a single check. That strategy worked for many years until it was time for me to retire. I continued to host all my databases and emails with them. What I love is that I can actually talk to someone when I want to, otherwise, I open a ticket on their Help Desk on those rare occasions I need something new done. I was glad to have made the selection on day one, and never needed to look for anyone else.

- Bob Goe,
Continental Financial, Inc.

After 3 years in business I had tried every strategy that my bigger competitors were using, and instead of getting new commercial clients, I was throwing a lot of money out the window. I stumbled across Rick Barron and he offered to help me with an innovative strategy plan. He assured me it wouldn’t be the same old, rehashed stuff. In 1 word, I was impressed. He came up with things for my company that I couldn’t even dream of. It was like he knew my business inside and out. In short, we implemented a couple of his strategies and within 3 months leads started to pour in. With Intercept’s help, I have been able to grow well beyond where I saw myself when I started 4 years ago.

- Raymond Blassingem,
RaysClean, LLC


When I was looking for a web designer for my new business, Ben was already in my circle of influence and offered to look at my needs with me. His service was what I was looking for, and I felt comfortable with his style and knowledge. Working with Ben felt like a collaboration with a highly skilled expert who was as proficient at developing the sales funnel and appropriate languaging as he was at the technical requirements. After working with Ben, I came to realize that he guided my business in ways that improved my branding and delivery. I would highly recommend Ben if you want a provider who delivers what he promises, and a whole lot more.

- Larry Watson,
Coach, Author & Speaker,

The first vendor relationship I decided to engage in when starting Advanced Xposure was a website development one. Unfortunately the relationship turned south and Intercept Marketing saved the day. Thank you Rick and Ben for working diligently in getting the website set up and continuing to support our vision. It felt like Advanced Xposure was their only client as the team would be responsive at all times.

- Brendan Caine,
President & Founder
Advanced Xposure, LLC

We were losing thousands of dollars in stolen fuel every month from all our dealerships. We had an antiquated paper system and it was nearly impossible to track who did what, when and who’s stole how much.
I didn’t know what to do. One day as Ben was in the dealership I asked him if he had any ideas. He spoke to my dealership manager, administrator and IT guy the same day. He came back a week later with an online software solution. It became We tracked all our fuel fill-ups and with 4 clicks I could run daily, weekly, and monthly reports and find the gaps of missing fuel. We were able to narrow the culprits down within just a few short weeks, and saved tens of thousands over the year. Best of all, his solution cost us a fraction of what I thought I would have to pay to develop it.

- David Neiheisel
Joseph Automotive Dealer Group

Circa 2008, our Office properties were in dire need of tenants. Due to the economic downturn, nothing was working and our rent rolls were bleeding. Ben and his team showcased a Search Engine marketing plan and even suggested we do one property first instead of all 7. Within months our traffic to the website had increased and new tenants were signing new leases. We certainly owe Intercept Marketing gratitude for getting us through some real lean years. Eventually, we turned over all our marketing to them including printing and Non digital work.

- Pete Montgomery,
CMC Properties

Yes! The number of inquiries and registrations have increased significantly beginning last month! We are beginning to see the outcome of your team’s efforts! Gauging by the number of calls for the March session, I think we are going to break even very soon! Not bad for a business that just started 12 months ago! We hope the trend will continue. We would like to see a steady increase in enrollment through the end of the year! We will send you a bonus a soon as we hit 40 students!

- Tina Lopez,
Charter Health Care

Working full time and serving in a leadership role for almost 3,000 members left very little time to conceptualize, author and produce a marketing video for our new website. Fortunately Intercept Marketing stepped up to do just that. They guided us through the strategy, wrote a script to support it and worked with us to shoot the scenes at our convenience. They produced a video we’re proud to highlight on our new website, getting rave reviews when we share it with prospective new members. Thank you for your patience, persistence and creativity in driving this project to a VERY successful completion.

- Bill Essen
Toastmasters International District 40

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Rick’s passion for helping clients achieve their goals is contagious. Share some background on your business objectives and you’ll see him step up and out with a flood of new ideas to help your business grow to levels you never thought possible.

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